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As a full stack engineer I can develop new applications that will introduce enhanced services and functionality through your website. I can also customize the face of your website beyond what is offered by current templates.
What kind of enhanced services? Your website can be so much more than an advertisement by adding “back end” functionality that will engage visitors, drive your business, and increase profitability.
eCommerce Platforms

An e-commerce platform developed specifically for your company that is fully integrated with your merchant services. I can develop your site so customers can place orders, request quotations, make payments, all in a safe, secure environment.

eLearning Development

Creating an e-learning subscription site for your company or agency. A seamless, easy to use E-learning system can be set up that has all the functionality of those used by larger institutions (universities, distance learning, etc.) on a scale best suited for your company.

Maintenance and Support

Adding a variety of new features to your website and improving its performance. New functions and content can be added and themes upgraded. We can also help migrating to a new host, increase speed and have your site securely backed up.

Web Development

Don’t Have A Site? This is the best place to start. Call me and we’ll work together to set up a site that is more attractive and works better than any template you’ll find on the web. Your business is important to you, let’s make it shine.

Don’t have a website? Let’s start talking and we’ll build one together!

Have a website that’s not meeting your needs or performing poorly? Let’s enhance it and develop a well-designed, visually powerful website with all the services you need to provide a great presence on the web.

It starts with a call or an email!


Phase 1: Information Gathering

Research and understand the needs of the clients. Discover what is working for them currently and what could improve their business. Establish the Purpose, Goals, Target Audience and the Content.

Phase 2: Planning

Based on the information gathered, develop a plan for a successful implementation. Determine what technologies are needed for implementation. The end-user experience has to be considered while this phase is being implemented.

Phase 3: Design

Using the information gathered up to this point; determine the look and feel of the application. Create prototype designs and present to the customer through a secure protocol, so the customer can review and approve the design.

Phase 4: Development

The developmental stage is the point where the application itself is created. At this time, all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype will be used to create the functional application. The entire time, your application will be available to you for viewing in a password protected environment.

Phase 5: Testing and Delivery

At this point your applications are made accessible to the intended audience. Hosting, domain services and SEO are all performed. Any training that needs to occur would happen at this point and you are let free.

Phase 6: Maintenance

Information needs to updated, plugins and versions receive new releases and backups need to be performed. The level of maintenance that is needed is discussed at any point during the process and can always be modified.


Ready to get started? Let’s talk today!

I'm available by Live Chat or email. Live Chat messages go directly to my phone. I can give you the same capability in your application.